Jasso the Cat is a very strange cartoon character created by Jii Roikonen in early 90's. The cartoon really is from Absurdistan. Some may say it doesn't have a head nor a tail but Jasso definitely has a tail. Jasso's tail is very independent: it can talk and move around without Jasso's body and it even has psi-powers.

Jasso lives in one-room flat but it's not the ordinary one. Sometimes the closet is a gateway to the space and so forth. Many, traditionally the dead, things can talk; like a floor, chairs, knives and a toilet bowl. In one episode the toilet bowl refuses to eat eirs usual "food" and Jasso feels pity for em offering a steak with wine and candles.

I suppose Jasso is quite difficult to translate because plots' absurd changes are often based on idioms and homonyms. Very characteristic is also strange grammar (but in Finnish this is still easily understandable) and deliberate misspellings e.g. changing 'p' to 'b' and 'k' to 'c' or 'g' and 'ketchup' can be just 'gzb'.

Jasso is also a money game by RAY (an official gambling organisation). Jasso is just like a traditional buffoon but once you hit the slot with a coin, the machine raffles funky shapes at the bottom of machine and if you managed to get vertical, horizontal or diagonal line(s) you'll win some extra. As far as I can remember you also can change the bet from one mark to five marks. I remembered the biggest win is somewhere near 100 marks..

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