The first six Nickelodeon episodes are the best. I can still laugh at Space Madness quite a bit.

"You coveteth my ice cream bar!"

Hopefully you have a close friend who has these on tape and will let you borrow them. Actually, they're probably bootlegged on the Internet anyway. Whatever.

Trivia Fact: Billy West originally played the voice of Stimpy, then Ren as well when John K. was booted, and now has a new life as Fry, Professor Farnsworth et. al. on Futurama

The Ren and Stimpy game was brought out on SNES when the show was in its prime. The game was a platformer which had many different levels in different settings such as a refridgerator, factory, etc. The player could switch between using Ren and Stimpy by pressing the 'select' button, and the character not being used would walk behind.
One of the most fun aspects of this game was the fact that Ren and Stimpy could team up to do a number of different moves such Stimpy using Ren as a bowling ball, using each other to get a leg-up in order to jump higher and a variety of other things.
Overall an entertaining game but too many small enemies sometimes became tedious.

Ren and Stimpy is an animated kids program and was one of four of the original Nicktoons that premiered back in the early 1990's on MTV's sister channel, Nickelodeon.

The premise was that it's a gross-out cartoon in lives of two characters: Ren Höek (note the umlaut over the o) the chihuahua and Stimpson J. Cat (aka Stimpy) the cat. There was a lot of pandering for some desperate attention with shameless and sometimes outright gross physical humor often consisting of nose-picking, farts, and, most importantly, the wonders of sound.

The show usually begins at Ren and Stimpy's home, a dead cow who's on its back with doors where its little butthole should be. Sometimes Ren and Stimpy would also be homeless or in outer space. John K. also has a thing for Scotsman and Canada. Some other recurring skits that was born out of the show include Powdered Toast Man and LOG.

While it was suitable for children of all ages, including the parents, the producer, John Kricfalusi, kept pushing the boundaries and limits with some homosexual references, sexual innuendo, or just plain violence.

The entire show lasted for three seasons and while it was indeed funny at times it wasn't quite appetizing at others and it remains to be an acquired taste for sure.

As of this writing, February, 2002, MTV's other sister channel, VH1, is showing most of the old Ren and Stimpy episodes (though some are shaved a couple seconds) on a show called "Ren and Stimpy Rocks" with Billy West (voice actor of Stimpy) as host.

Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

Spike TV (nope, no good either) (ex-TNN) (Ex-Nashville Network) has bought six new episodes of Ren and Stimpy from John Kricfalusi. They are going to be part of an adult-oriented animation schedule block and TNN has promised John K they would not attempt to censor his cartoons. R&S will appear in the 2003 season as Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon. That'd be the REAL Ren & Stimpy by Spumco not the sanitized Games Animation version.

Why John K got fired.

Man's Best Friend (the best Ren & Stimpy episode you've never seen) features the debut of George Liquor, American. George brings home R&S from the pet shop ("A man needs the companionship of lower life forms") and puts them thru rigorous training and discipline to make champions of them, a prequel to the Dog Show episode.

At one point George dons a attack dog training suit and enjoins Ren and Stimpy to attack him. Stimpy reels away ("But you are my kind and beloved master, I CAN'T!") while Ren grabs a boat oar ("BUT I CAN!!!") and proceeds to give George a savage beating -- not concealed under clouds of dust, we plainly see George being beaten black and blue in excruciating details ( This particular scene shocked the studio execs and they pulled the episode. From then it was the beginning of the end for John K as he was pushed out and replaced by Bob Camp.

Source: Interview with John Kricfalusi at the 2002 Ottawa International Animation Festival, attended by yours truly.

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