Only the bestest, tastiest superhero ever, Powdered Toast Man made his name known on the Ren and Stimpy show. His powers include the ability to change form into Powdered Toast(TM) in order to slip under doors, through windows, and up skirts. Also, he has the ability to fly, albeit feet-first. He can be identified by his trademark battle cries "Powdered Toast Maaaaaaaan!" and "Cling tenaciously to my buttocks!"

Powdered toast man was voiced by Gary Owens. He'd fly or teleport in or appear while saying melodramatically "Powwwderrred Toooast Maaaaaaann!!!!"

He'd appear in the Ren and Stimpy video game (for SNES) and fly butt first while transporting your character.

There were very few episodes with him, in those rare cases he was the main character for the episode. Usually he botches up somehow.

One episode was "PTM saves the Pope" where Frank Zappa voiced the Pope. After he accidentally vaporized the president, Good ol' PTM rescues the Pope from being tied to a bomb, then left the Pope stranded on the top of a mountain so Powdered toast man can refill Ren and Stimpy's powdered toast can.

He had an enemy, a woman who ran a waffle factory. To become a match against him, she put herself in a giant waffle iron, and became Waffle Woman, who reminds you of Aunt Jemima or Mrs. Butterworth, the syrup ladies. There was an entire episode based on them beating the stuffing out of each other, while the entire planet is ravaged as a side-effect.

His mission is to protect Little Johnnys everywhere, and you see half the planet missing thanks to the waffle lady's battle, but Little Johnny safe in a bed.

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