When I was 10 my little sister (who was seven at the time) had a friend whose father did this.

Apparently the guy came home drunk one night, and they lived in this gated community, but the guy couldn’t remember the code to get in, ‘cause he was drunk… So I guess he just passed out in the street. Well at some point during the night he got up and pissed on the electric fence

The kicker is that my sister’s friend got up the next morning and went outside to find a school bus full of kids waiting for her, and her father smoking in the bushes.

I remember my Mom brought a chicken pot pie over to her house a couple of days later. The whole thing was really tragic, and it was the first time that I encountered that weird feeling where I wanted laugh even though I felt really bad for her.

In the end, I couldn’t even look at her, and sure I was 10, but I guess the reason I am writing this node is that I am still embarrassed and sorry for not really being there for her.

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