A parody web site pretending to be run by billionaires in support of their presidential candidates - Bush and Gore. After all, they've already bought and paid for both of them, haven't they?

It's complete with its own platform statement, and campaign materials - buy some stickers or posters and help them out. Or take a look at their price/performance analysis - see which candidate is the better deal - or should we say steal?

"Because inequality is not growing fast enough."


The billionare for Bush (or Gore) were one of the more interesting protest groups at the Republican Convention here in Philadelphia. (They also didn't try and beat up the police commissioner or cause trouble for no well defined reason as some groups got the reputation for doing.) They had various people dressed in tuxedos, or evening gowns(in order to be proberly formal). While in Phila they planned to do things like:

Auction off advertising rights for the liberty bell and do a corporate Feng Shui ritual to prepare the site of the new stadium to be built in Chinatown

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