Nickelodeon's cartoon line started in 1991. The first three cartoons were Doug, Rugrats, and Ren and Stimpy. They were similar to other cartoons at the time but for kids and shown more then the rest.

Nickelodeon's line has expanded to have many more cartoons now. The List of shows and unfortunate fates are

  1. Doug - (1991-2000) - Moved to ABC and made into Disney's Doug
  2. Rugrats - (1991-) -Going strong but about to be split to two spin-offs.
  3. Ren and Stimpy - (1991-1995) - Moved to many channels including MTV, VH1, and soon TNN. Show is dead but in rerun
  4. Rocko's Modern Life - (1993-2000) - Dead in 2000, remaining on Nickelodeon for the whole run.
  5. AHHH! Real Monsters - (1994-1999) - Dead in 1999, also remained on Nickelodeon for the run. They also appeared on Rugrats once.
  6. Hey Arnold! - (1996-2002) - Killed after the movie, tragically contractual disputes were the final nail.
  7. Kablam! - (1996-1999) - Another dead in the big vault.
  8. The Angry Beavers - (1997-2001) - Killed after considered "too adult". The show rubbed the network in the wrong way for many reasons, one of which is talking about the show ending.
  9. The Wild Thornberrys - (1998-) - Has two movies coming out soon, one crossing over to Rugrats. Seems to have a long future.
  10. Oh Yeah! Cartoons - (1998- ) - Has created a few extra cartoons for the network. Still running.
  11. Catdog - (1999-2000) - Killed for unknown reasons.
  12. Spongebob Squarepants - (1999-2001?) - Rumored to be killed after being called "too popular". As well as rumors about a movie in 2004 as well as a possible continuation of the series.
  13. Rocket Power - (1999-) - Still on, quite strong.
  14. Pelswick - (2000-) - Possibly canceled
  15. As Told By Ginger - (2000-) - Still airing
  16. Invader Zim - (2001-2002) - Slated to be canceled at the end of the year, another hot property cut down in it's prime.
  17. The Fairly Oddparents - (2001-) - Also Still airing
  18. Chalkzone - (2002-) - unknown if it will survive until the 2003 season.
  19. Jimmy Neutron - (2002-) - Airing in the 2002 after a first movie, the cartoon breaches the boundaries to make a three dimensional comic.

There is also a couple new properties being worked on.

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