A Nickelodeon cartoon featuring a football headed 4th grade boy living in New York City, with his grandparents. It touches on some serious issues--environmentalism, the difficulties of growing up, unrequited love, the true meaning of popularity, etc. With over eighty episodes, it's really beginning to show some maturity by developing some of the minor characters.

My favorite part is that all the heroes, including Arnold, are really funny looking--football headed, fat, buck teeth having funny looking. There's no Barbie ethos here, and I think that's a good thing.

Hey Arnold! began on October 7, 1996, usually running on Monday and Wednesday nights; Sunday morning episodes began in March, 1997 (replacing Ren & Stimpy in the Sunday Nicktoon lineup)

Some of this gleefully stolen from http://www.netvista.net/~del_grande/arn_eps1.html, a Hey Arnold! Fan Site
This will also be my last update to e2, I will node no more forever. Thanks all.

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