An inspired cartoon series in the vein of Ren and Stimpy that airs on Nickelodeon. It chronicles the adventures of a cuddly little animal that is a cat on one end and a dog on the other.
Despite the disturbing appearance of Catdog, you can't help but fall in love with this creature. It helps people in need and provides humor for the viewer through the obviously strange situations brought on by its anatomical wierdness.

One thing the show never touches on is how this dear half-cat half-dog relieves itself. Perhaps some things are better left alone.
An interesting idea for a cartoon, on Nickelodeon.

The entire show revolves around these two. They are brothers joined together, sorta like Siamese twins. Lets take Dog. Instead of where the tail is, it's the front end of Cat. They both share legs, and when one walks forward, the other goes backwards. When cat licks himself, dog coughs up a Hairball.

Basically, Catdog live in a house together, sorta like The Odd Couple. Cat is the Felix, he's neat and tidy, the brains, and is sorta grouchy. Dog is the sloppy one, he's messy, and follows his heart, usually softening up Cat to do things like run in the park with him and chase cars. Dog is the excited kid, Cat the lazy older sibling, but he's got ambition for other things.

Since they're together, many hijinks ensue. Cat's obsessive neatness, coupled with Dog's well, desire for a good time. Sometimes Dog will run outside to chase the mailman/cars/ball, and cat will get dragged behind. Since they're a cartoon, they can stretch. Cat will latch onto a streetpost, and Dog will keep on running, stretching their body extremely far until they snap back like a rubber band. Aside from that, Cat tries to come up with schemes like make money, run a company, and do jobs, most of the time exploiting dog. Cat usually gets vertical, making Dog underneath trying to hold them both up. Most people like Dog, as they feel bad for him, because Cat makes him carry heavy things, run treadmills, and generally be Cat's legs.

Their house is interesting, half dogbone half fish. They sleep on opposite sides of a bed, and recline on both ends of a couch. They share it with a blue mouse/bunny thing called Winslow, an annoying neighbor who taunts them endlessly.

The rest of the characters are all talking animals. It's similiar to Rocko's Modern Life (which was much better than this show, but cancelled). The mayor is a bunny thing. There are also three bully dogs who beat Catdog up many times.

Some other topics on the show involve: doing the right thing, the near-separation of Catdog surgically, Cat coming up with get-rich-quick schemes that go wrong, being different from everybody else, and other morals similiar to The Tortoise and the Hare.

There was a made-for-TV movie on Nickelodeon about them, where they go on a trip to find their parents.

Catdog is the exclusive property of Nickelodeon, which is owned by Viacom. There are better shows, like Rocko's Modern Life or Spongebob Squarepants, but the kids seem to like it.

The Catdog theme song is written and sung by Peter Hannan

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