A member of the super-hero team the Avengers published by Marvel Comics.

Angelica Jones is the heroine Firestar. Angelica is a mutant with the ability to manipulate microwaves. When her powers were revealed, Angelica's father sent her to the Massachusetts Academy, which was run by Emma Frost to train her team of young mutants called the Hellions. During this time, Angelica was given the code name Firestar.

Angelica was manipulated by her fellow team member Empath in battling the X-Men. Angelica quit the Hellions and later became a founding member of the New Warriors.

Firestar is romantically involved with fellow New Warrior Justice. When the New Warrior's disbanded, Firestar and Justice were given membership in the Avengers.

Firestar is a rarity in comics: a character that was created on television that was brought into the mainstream world of the comics' universe. When NBC put out the show Spider-man and His Amazing Friends, they teamed up Spider-man with two mutants: the X-Man Iceman and a newly created character Firestar. The character of Firestar became so popular that an outcry from the fans brought about the creation of the character in the comics.

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