A prehistoric, still surviving, Galapagos species. It commutes on buses, carries a briefcase, and its mating call is "HAPPY HAPPY! JOY JOY!" See also Frilled Ren ("Nice sac, man!")

wharfinger has noted that this node is fairly cryptic and useless...which it is. So, some more info:

This is not a real species. It is a specious species. It is taken from an episode of the most-twisted Ren & Stimpy cartoon, originally broadcast on Nickelodeon. In this ep, our heros are doing a spoof of a 'Natural World'-style nature show, and concentrating on the abundance of strangely-evolved species found on the Galapagos Islands. Some of their finds, like the Frilled Ren, are in fact makeovers of actual animals; the Frilled Lizard does, in fact have a ruff around its neck and run on its hind legs when frightened. However, most (like the Crocostimpy) are completely fictitious.

Of course, a lot of them are freakin' hilarious.

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