On May 1st, 1999, Six Flags Great America (SFGAm) opened their tenth roller coaster: Raging Bull. This sit-down steel coaster, designed by Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M) launched itself into the record books as the world's first hypercoaster.

Standing a height of 202', it was, at the time of building, the tallest coaster at SFGAm. Aside from the new massive lift hill, riders also experience a drop longer than their climb as they dive 208' down into a tunnel going under the walkway nearby. Reaching a top speed of 73 mph through a 65-degree drop, riders feel a surprisingly smooth ride considering the magnitude of Raging Bull's vital statistics.

This coaster makes it into the bottom of my top ten, but a top roller coaster nonetheless. The main appeal for most coaster riders is the smoothness coupled with a floating feeling generated by the various hill formations throughout the ride. Raging Bull definitely defined the hypercoaster category and will continue to set standards for future constructions.

Raging Bull
Opened May 1st, 1999
  • Max Height: 202'
  • Drop Length: 208'
  • Drop Angle: 65 degrees
  • Max Speed: 73 mph
  • Duration: 2:30
  • Length: 5057'
Resources include: roller coaster database, rec.roller-coasters, and countless floatastic rides on Raging Bull.

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