Buf*foon" (?), n. [F. bouffon (cf. It. buffone, buffo, buffa, puff of wind, vanity, nonsense, trick), fr. bouffer to puff out, because the buffoons puffed out their cheeks for the amusement of the spectators. See Buffet a blow.]

A man who makes a practice of amusing others by low tricks, antic gestures, etc.; a droll; a mimic; a harlequin; a clown; a merry-andrew.


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Buf*foon" (?), a.

Characteristic of, or like, a buffoon.

"Buffoon stories."


To divert the audience with buffoon postures and antic dances. Melmoth.


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Buf*foon", v. i.

To act the part of a buffoon.



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Buf*foon", v. t.

To treat with buffoonery.



© Webster 1913.

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