An independently-operated commercial but free Finnish TV channel.

The channel is available only in the biggest cities (and cable networks), so it can't be actually considered a "national channel".

The most of the programs seem to be series, documentaries and other stuff like that. I have to admit they have an excellent evening news package, though.

The name simply means "Four", as it's the fourth freely-available channel (after YLE 1, YLE 2 and MTV3).


The most interesting thing that happened recently was that they have made excellent job in advertising their programs. Example:

  • The Sopranos: An outdoors advertisement that had a woman who held a bullet-holed shirt. Quote: "No one will bring Jack back, but OMERTA+ removed the stains!" Excellent parody of OMO's washing powder ad...
  • Before the new Economy news program started, they showed commercials that had an economy news program that was half in Hebrew and half in Finnish... (Compare: "It's all Greek to me".) The point was that their economy news program could be actually understood by a "common person".

(There was also a few pretty clever ads for Queer as Folk and The Sopranos, but I'll node those later if I remember...)


They also show Digimon and Powerpuff Girls - they're dubbed (as everything that children could watch are)... Regrettably the Digimon's dubbing was disastrously bad at first (responsible party: Agapio Racing Team), and break told me PPG dub is not good, either (haven't seen it personally).

(Contrast with MTV3: they show Pokémon and got it dubbed almost better than the USAns...)

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