The undisputed king of Finland's south coast, and also the most hardcore rapper the country has ever seen.

Not really.

Actually, MC Peelo is Aleksi Nuuja, a student in the Helsinki University of Technology at Otaniemi, Espoo. He has created several humorous rap tunes about geek life, as well as parodies of Bomfunk Mc's, Fintelligens and hiphop in general. He has also made all the tunes available on the web. The quality varies (improving chronologically), but there are plenty of funny rhymes and versatility - the tracks have spoofed everything including kiksutrance, psychedelic trance and Eminem.
Unfortunately, the lyrics are in the Finnish language and contain many jokes people not familiar with the HUT student stereotype may not get.

in a roughly chronological order

Dumb-Drunk MCs featuring The Merhin Senaatti All Stars  -  Hairstyler
MC Peelo  -  Otaniemi State of Mind (Finstupidness - Täysin Toivoton)
MC Peelo  -  Mä Omistan Tän Kylän
MC Peelo  -  Ihana
Kapteeni Kixu featuring MC Peelo  -  Otaniemi Tanssiräjähdys '00
2 Pahaa Hiirtä  -  Se Oltiin Me
Alec Xi  -  Single Imperative
MC Peelo  -  01012001
MC Peelo  -  Rakas Lara
Kapteeni Kixu  -  Transendentaalinen Ulottuvuusevoluutio
Finstupidness - Täysin Toivoton (re-mastered version)
MC Peelo - Hammurabin Laki   - a critical take on the "war on terrorism"
MC Peelo - Anonyymit Pornoaddiktit (instrumentaaliversio)

All the tunes can be downloaded (legally) at along with a hilarious interview of the man (in Finnish only).

Last updated: December 8, 2001

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