A very sharp blade, used for shaving body hair (usually beard) off.

Also used to slice things to pieces and killing people.

A Satanic Rock Music Orchestra HIN has published an album called "Razorblade Romance", obviously referring to this thing figuratively. A "researcher" (that is, a Good Troll who tried to stir up conversations among the peelos =) Quartyn Archloch reminded what the word "razorblade" means in Norwegian:


1. A stupid person "Ville Vako är den razorblade man och han är mycka äcklig = Ville Vako is a stupid person and fucking ugly too"
2. Cod filleting tool "Ville Vako finnas han razorblade = Ville Vako is making offerings with his cod filleting tool".

The word has also appeared in the ancient Marduk myths. Cod-fishermen also use this word to mean an offering.

(The troll used Bad Swedish, regrettably not real Norwegian. For the original: <http://www.vip.fi/~muurinen/demi/demi-rasor.htm> )

For those who don't know how to properly troll peelos: Of course all evil things incarnate in Norway, Death Metal for example... and cods are Satan's fishes, of course! =)

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