A legendary 1989 "Anti-Rock and Roll" tract by Jack Chick. You can see it at http://www.chick.com/.

The tract follows the exploits of a Christian rock group "Green Angels" (cheesy name, huh?). A guy named Lew Siffer offers them a helping hand when they're nearing bankrupt, and offers them an agent contract. Signed with blood, of course.

The tract of course makes the implication that this rock group would not be true christians, because they would not die for their beliefs.

Mr. Siffer explains, in large detail, how this "Killer Rock" organization started corrupting music, starting from Beatles and Elvis moving to KISS, Black Sabbath and so on.

The colored version of this tract reportedly also includes a description on how the record companies use Satanic rituals to bless each shipped batch of records. Considering RIAA's recent MP3 mess, I bet that was true =)

The Green Angels go performin'! The lyrics of this great tune go "We're gonna Rock, Rock, Rock, Rock with the ROCK!" Imaginative, huh? Well, the young ladies next to the stage are screaming with joy. Just like in the concerts of the boy/girl bands today... =)

After that, True Rock'n'Roll Fate: One band member died of AIDS, one got overdose, "And Don is into vampirism." Yeah, right.

And the end is normal JTC stuff: The remaining member finds a tract, reads it, becomes a True Christian™ (ie, starts speaking like Shakespeare), fries Satan, and orders the folks to burn their Satanic Rock'n'roll records!

Fairly hilarious - can't be read with straight face. =)

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