Finland is often called as "Land of thousand lakes". Literally it is true. There are appr. 188 000 lakes with surface area of 500 square meter at least. Although there aren't so many big lakes. Only 2300 has area over 1 km^2.

Depth of lakes in Finland isn't so big also. Deepest lake is Päijänne which deepest place is only 95,4 m.
Biggest average depth is only 21 m in Pyhäjärvi (holy lake) of Artjärvi (deepest point, 68 m, is in the Porlammi side of lake).
There are actually only 13 lakes in Finland with average depth over 14 m!

Names of lakes recurs often and there are i.e. many lakes called Valkeajärvi (white lake) which is also most used name of a lake in Finland (appr. 350).

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