A former govermental prosecutor in the district of Helsinki, specializing in cases dealing with illegal narcotics. Nowadays retired, and working as the no.1 propaganda machine in the Finnish war on some drugs.
Born in 1932, still alive and kicking.

Santavuori became the chief of Finland's Central Crime Investigations' Interpol office in 1970. Three years later she got the district prosecutor job, in which she remained until her retirement in 1995. While she became famous for her drug prosecutions, she also worked on other kind of crimes including some of the most notorious murder cases of that period.

During her career Santavuori made numerous wise desicions like trying to put two kids in custody from a mother whose only criminal activity was smoking pot irregularily. After retiring from the job Ritva hasn't managed to shut up about the drug issues for more than 5 minutes at a time, becoming the most vocal warrior in the already-lost WOSD. She is very active with anti-drug organizations and has managed to get herself regular gigs on the tabloid Iltalehti, as well as Finnish TV, not to mention the numerous singular interviews and articles in all media on a weekly basis.

The message Mrs. Santavuori puts out is your basic Reefer Madness-style material, starting from the usual contention that cannabis is incredibly dangerous and automatically leads to the use of heroin. She never presents any scientific data to back up her claims, which she spews out at an incredible rate. And so far very few people have dared to question the orange-haired girl power icon's beliefs in public.

The iron lady also strongly opposes homosexuals, and isn't shy to shout it out loud.

Words of Wisdom from Ritva:

More to come. Unfortunately.

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