Yet another cool Finnish freeware game, made by JMA Prods. (Title means "Justice for the animals" - possibly inspired by the organization =)

From readme: "The purpose of the game is, naturally, to kill animal activists. Hopefully now everyone is able to vent their infuriation towards the activists through this game, so you won't need to try this in real life. :)"

The point: Shoot all animal activists with a shotgun before they release all of the animals from your very own fur farm.

The notable "Game Over" message goes: "The activists released all of your foxes, you live with the pension money happily for the rest of your life. BTW that last fox died of loneliness."

The game is a typical Finnish hobbyist game - crappy graphics, decent design, and fun for a while. Still, due to the relatively interesting idea, it probably should be mentioned. Remember: The foxes will be released, sooner or later... =)

Oikeutta Eläimille is also a real-life Finnish animal activist organization. According to their official web page at, the group was formed in 1995, has nearly 30 local branches and only supports legal methods in fighting for animal rights. Note: I said "according to their home page".

There were numerous members of this group in my class at lukio. Their most visible of their projects were terrorizing old ladies with fur coats, holding demonstrations against McDonald's and taking over a vacant house. The former two acts were probably not related to Oikeutta Eläimille, though.
Please correct me, break, but I'm pretty sure that Oikeutta Eläimille supports and organizes some illegal actions i.e. civil disobedience actions. Of course we always may argue if that kind of civil disobedience campaigns are really illegal or not but.

Since I moved out of Finland about a year ago I don't know what's happening inside the scene but then there was also discussions about whether they should support animal liberation actions as well. At least I haven't seen them condemning EVR (Finnish counterpart for ALF).

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