Pelit ( is a console/computer game magazine, published by Helsinki Media, Finland. In early 1990s, MikroBitti empire published semi-annual issues of its predecessor; soon after that it become an independent monthly magazine. Further, due to popular demand, in 1998 (IIRC) another magazine, Peliasema, was split off, dealing with only Playstation games. Peliasema merged to Pelit in 2002, making Pelit also to cover consoles of all kinds. Earlier, it had always been about only computer games - PC games, and in earlier years they also covered Amiga and supposedly also Commodore 64.

Compared to foreign counterparts, Pelit is slightly more dry. It has more text and not as much pictures, is generally thinner (at the moment of writing, 80 pages), and doesn't even have a cover CD (They don't need one - first they had their own BBS, now they have a subscriber-only website).

However, as far as I can tell it's a great game magazine: It's an independent magazine, meaning the articles don't sound like they would be copied from publisher's marketing material, it employs some old beards like Niko Nirvi who have been reviewing computer games since the eighties (so they know what they're talking about), and they're not afraid to spare words if they find bad sides in games, the game industry, or gaming culture.

Further info:

Peliasema and Pelit merged at the beginning of 2002. The reason was mainly the lack of good released PC-games, and the ever increasing amount of console gamers.

Currently Pelit deals with games from all important platforms (XBox, GameCube, Playstation 1&2 and of course PC).

The editor-in-chief is Tuija Linden and there's three editors: Niko Nirvi, Kaj 'Kaizu' Laaksonen and Tuomas Honkala (news).

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