A game series developed by Sunstorm Interactive for PC and Mac.

In one April issue of Pelit, they told of this new game - a simple boring game that a quality-conscious magazine like Pelit would never review - that had come out in USA and was selling better than any of the "big name" games at the time.

Come on. That isn't funny!

...but they weren't joking.

Deer Hunter was, simply, a hunting game. You had several different weapons to kill deers with, practice a bit, and go to the woods. It was produced and sold rather quickly, end result being a haphazard collection of hunting simulation elements with nothing much to do - but, of course, the Masses couldn't resist it. "It has deers in it. You kill them. Figures." =)

The game then generated a huge flood of follow-ups (as of writing, they've made Deer Hunter 6!) and imitations from other publishers (not to even mention parodies, including a game called Deer Avenger 3D where you're a deer, hunting rednecks...), all of which seem to sell pretty nicely, while players of "serious" computer games whine of the times and manners.

But, on my opinion - a nice example on how to capitalize on a what seemed that one night like a good idea, even when the end result wasn't exactly the best game in the world. (Even though I don't know how bad it was, because I only saw game video, never played it.)

(Thanks to iandunn for mentioning the parody and DWarrior and kenyonm76 for naming it.)

The game has had some influence in Pelit magazine, though: Some of the people there call Everquest and some other MMORPGs "Rat Hunter 3D" due to the mandatory newbie activities...

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