Ismo Alanko was born, once, on 12.3.1960. He has not died yet. He has been and continues to be one of the best lyricists writing in Finnish. Typically a singer-songwriter, not completely at ease with the guitar, his career has spanned many bands and styles. Initially playing in the slightly punkish rock-group Hassisen Kone (thus called after an appliance shop in Joensuu) he developed his menacingly beautiful (eh?) singing voice, ever his trademark. Hits from this period: Rappiolla, Hassisen Kone and Kulkurin Iltakalja.

He then formed Sielun Veljet, a more artsy and lyrical group. It even recorded songs in English as "L'amourder". His musical creativity reached new heights and was, apparently, popular in Germany for a while. The group was occasianally incomprehensible to the public but always staggeringly original and even maniacal. If you've listened to Radiohead, The Smiths or even Pink Floyd (be fair, some of their stuff was great), you'll know what I'm talking about.

More recently he has launched a solo career. His voice seems to become better as he ages, although the lyrical edge is all but gone.

A more complete bio shall be included as and if the need arises.

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