Stavros Fasoulas is a Finnish game designer. I've yet to find why his name was un-"Funnish", though - no information about him seems to be available in the 'net. According to sfnet.atk.cbm, mr. Fasoulas works in USA these days, in branch of Finnish game company Housemarque.

Complete list of his C64 games (from

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Stavros Fasoulas was also working on a game called Galactic for the Amiga. It was supposed to be released by a Finnish software house called Terramarque (later to form Housemarque (of Supreme Snowboarding fame) with Bloodhouse, another Finnish label).

Rumors were abound that Galactic was never released since the British company in charge of distribution felt the game was way too eccentric - in other words, the game got the axe since it was TOO original. However, a British Amiga magazine called The One released Galactic exclusively as their cover disk on Christmas 1993.

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