A famous ski jumper from Finland, with a brilliant career earning him 4 gold medals in the Olympics, and many more awards in different championships. Born in June 17, 1963.

Although Matti was a very successful in ski jumping, his life has gone severely downhill after quitting the sport, with less-admirable stunts earning him a place on all the Finnish tabloids on a regular basis.

Some of Matti's post-career "highlights" in a roughly chronological order:

Believe me, none of this stuff was made up by me. Maybe by the tabloids, but not by me.

Needless to say, Matti is considered an alarming example of an athlete not finding his/her place in the society after getting too old for competiting. Or, alternatively, an example of a dumbass drunk and wife beater.

Nowadays Matti has an official home page at http://www.mattinykanen.fi/. Words fail to explain how hilarious the site actually is, so you'd better see it for yourself. Unfortunately the text is currently only available in Finnish.

Last Updated: February 6, 2002

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