Legendary British Olympic athlete.

Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards was Britain's first (and only) Olympic ski jumper, and appeared in the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, where he achieved a stunning 55th place.

Still, for the duration of that event he was hailed as a national hero; a song "Fly Eddie Fly" made it into the UK top 50 singles chart, and a good time was had by all.

Actual achievments of Eddie's include:

International Alpine Skier
Represented Britain at 1987 World Championships, Oberstdorf
Represented Britain at 1988 Winter Olympics, Calgary
British National Ski jumping Record holder
55th in World Ski jumping
World No 9 in Amateur Speed-skiing (106.8mph)
Stunt Jumping World Record Holder (10 cars/6 buses)

Eddie, I salute you. See also Sports that the British are good at. Apparently someone is making a film of his life story. Hmm..

Eddie the Eagle is also the National Rifle Association's kid-friendly pro-gun mascot. He helps to teach kids about gun safety. From the NRA's website:

Stop! Don't Touch. Leave the Area. Tell an Adult.
With a firearm present in about half of all American households, all young children should learn that firearms are not toys. That's Eddie Eagle's fundamental, non-judgmental public safety message.

With a fast-paced animated video and fun-filled activity books, Eddie teaches his younger friends to repeat and follow his simple safety message. In classrooms, youth programs, summer camps and day care centers nationwide the Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program has reached more than 12 million children since 1988.

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