1. Snooker (nobody else except the Thais and half a dozen Canadians play it)
2. Football ..hooliganism (we are feared the world over)
3. Running (gold in the 1992 Olympics 100 metres- not a lot of success since then)
4. Cricket (oops - no, scratch that one)
5. Rowing (one gold medal in 1996 Olympics - a necessary survival skill given how much flooding we get due to all the rain)
6. Swimming (two silver medals in '96 - ditto)
7. Yachting (two silvers in '96 - notice the running theme with water?)
8. Sarcasm (Ok, ok, I'm running out of ideas)
9. Ski jumping (remember Eddie The Eagle?)
10. Mornington Crescent
13. Numeracy (we have one of the finest free education systems in the world)
11. Taking defeat gracefully (years of practice)

Still, gotta love the place..

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