Formerly Oxford Polytechnic, made a university in 1992. Oxford Brookes University, situated in Headington, Oxford, is an average educational institution that manages to make an awful lot of money out of its students.
The education standards can be pretty patchy and the place is great if you are a sloane ranger. For this you can really blame the Tories. Student numbers are constantly on the up due to historic reductions in government money per student. Thus the university squeezes as much as it can from undergrads, many of whom can afford the student life, but plenty cannot.
Good departments include Town Planning and Biology.
Upsides could be said to be the excellent sports facilities with, in some cases, world-beating sports teams.
The downsides are various. You are a number, not a name. You can have academic penalties applied to you for non-academic problems such as not paying rent on time. This is normally considered unfair.
The head of the Computing department is best avoided at all costs. However other members of his department make up for his shortcomings.

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