In Ireland the NRA stands for the National Roads Authority. They are the ones who plan where to put the new roads, and fail most of the time in the upkeep of them. (Anyone who has travelled in Ireland will know that the country is not known for its good roads.)

Another example of the same letters meaning very different things in different countries. See IRA...

How do you know you're old? NRA Doesn't make you think of guns. During the FDR Alphabet Soup era, NRA Stood National Recovery Administration.

Kinda funny that a president who set up so many 3 letter acronyms, FDR, is now called by one.

The National River Authority is an NGO founded in Britain under the 1989 Water Act to safeguard and improve the natural water environment, including (obviously) rivers, streams and underground water supplies. It is also responsible for flood defence and water based recreation.

In an river-related emergency, telephone 0800 80 70 60. For any other emergency, call 999.

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