1. Finnish for "pochard", "scaup [duck]".

2. A chain of furniture stores in Finland. Part of Indoor Group, as of writing has 48 stores in Finland (and Tallinn and St. Peterburg).

The latter is known for its, er, dumb TV commercials. Want an example? When "Ostoskanava" (a local home shopping program) opened, they had a badly animated version of their logo there. I mean, really bad. cut-outs moving around, making remotely, very remotely duck-like sounds. I thought it had to be a joke. It wasn't.

Or, the one that's running this week: Two idiots find a magic lamp, rub it, and a decently animated (woohoo!) duck genie appears, saying they have three wishes. "Oh wait... I'd want to get a... a... an affordable, modular set of shelves?" They got three of those. Morons. I'd have wished for free sets of shelves, myself... =)

(There's also a type of airplanes by this name, but I need to get more information about them - or will someone else node that?)

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