An Uuno Turhapuro movie, released 1986. Directed by Ere Kokkonen, produced by Spede Pasanen.

Plot synopsis (this is "as far as I can remember", correct me if I'm wrong): Elisabet Tuura and the director Tuura's family try to "flee" Uuno for the summer, so they buy a manor from countryside. Unluckily for them, the manor happens to be in the town where Uuno was born and, moreover, the manor itself was built by Uuno's father.

Later, Uuno arrives to the scene by coincidence: He has got a part-time job as a surveyor, and was marking the path of a new highway - which, by coincidence, just happens to pass through the manor.

Director Tuura announces his plans (changed slightly after screwup when posting job announcements to local newspaper): The manor would become a resort where tourists could do all sorts of countryside things. Meanwhile, Tuura needs to talk to the town officials about the road plan.

What follows is a lot of fun, more than enough jokes, and weird action.

Also the name of a computer game based on the movie. It's one of the few "license" computer games ever made that were based on a movie. The game was for Commodore 64.

Game was programmed by Pasi Hytönen, who also did graphics and sound effects. Music was made by Jori Olkkonen.

The game objective is simple: get 1 million markkas to buy the manor. The game is a fast-paced side-scrolling action game, consisting of three scenes: One based on plow-getting-pulled-by-car scene, one about waterskiing, and one forest running scene where Uuno looks for his father's moonshine still.

There was a great article about making of this game in MikroBITTI 4/1987. Oh, and the game was written with machine language monitor, Hytönen coded the game with raw hex - a Hero! =)

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