(Finnish: Arktiset sarjakuvapäivät)

Held in Kemin sarjakuvakeskus (The Arctic Comic Center), Kemi, Finland in May, each year, the Arctic Comic Festival has been running since 1981. It is a small, but growing, gathering of comic strip artists from all over the world.

There is a competition open to artists from the Nordic Countries, with about 200 entrants each year, and a total prize fund of around 5000 euros, raised by subsidy from the City, and the Finnish Ministry of Education.

Artists such as Neil Gaiman, Norio Yamanoi and Pierre Christin have graced the festival with their presence. In fact, the only continents which have never been represented are Australia and Antarctica.

The Kemi Art Museum usually holds an exhibition in conjunction with the festival, which can attract many thousands of visitors.

The city of Kemi is rightfully known as the comic capital of Finland; even producing their official annual report in comic form on several occasions - the first being in 1986.


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