Scandinavia consists of Sweden, Denmark and Norway, the countries situated on the Scandic mountain ridge. Scandinavia is a proper subset of the group of countries known as the Nordic countries - which also include Iceland and Finland.

The climate is remarkably warm compared to other areas on the same latitude, due to the Gulf stream.

This is to be a graphic representation, in a hierarchical fashion, of Scandinavia. For the purposes of this node, the term "Scandinavia" shall be construed to have its widest sense, and shall include all of the "Norden" countries; the list of places (q.v.) below is designed to express this.

This list includes both extant nodes, and non-existent nodes. Please add w/us here, /msg a Content Editor in order to have your w/u assimilated.




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kudos to madvid, break, vuo and toalight for help with Norway and Finland...!

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