The City

Ålborg (or Aalborg - see below) is a city and port in Denmark. It was founded in 1342, and is the capital of Northern Jutland. With a population around 160,000 it has an international airport, and a university - founded in 1974. Main industries are textiles and shipbuilding.

Tourist attractions in the medieval city include the Gothic Cathedral and 16th-century castle, as well as the more family oriented Tivoli fun park, and large zoo.

A well-known export of the city is Aalborg Akvavit, a clear, golden aquavit distilled since 1840. The distillery also produces pure and denatured alcohol for industry and science.

The Name

The name of Ålborg has an interesting history. Before 1944, å was written as aa in Danish. The new spelling was adopted on roadsigns and maps until 1984 when the more traditional spelling made a comeback. Now optionally Aalborg or Ålborg, newer signs will paradoxically show the older spelling (Aalborg). Note that even when spelt with aa, it will still appear near the end of the alphabet, since å/aa comes after z.


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