The peninsula of Jutland is habitated by 2.3 million Danes making it the most populated region of Denmark (it is also the biggest region, however).

As the capital is not present here, the people from Copenhagen tend to think of all Jyder (the people living here) as deeply buried in the dirt - mainly driving around in tractors and talking about the pigs at their farms.

Luckily, the opposite prejudices exist, resulting in a lot of jokes.

One thing that is very typical for the people here is however the more down to earth way of talking. The dialect is a bit slower, and it takes a lot for a Jyde to admit that something is good. He'd normally use the phrase: "Not too bad", when something is extraordinarily excellent. Note however about the dialect that it differs so much from north to south and west to east, that you could potentially have four people in the same room that were almost unable to understand eachother - even though Jutland isn't more than 20,000 km2.

Big parts of the southern Jutland have been occupied by the Germans during some wars. It wasn't until 1920 that Denmark got back what was rightfully its land.

Four university centres are present in Jylland, and in the north, a lot of mobile phone companies have appeared during the last couple of years, making some people calling the region Mobilicon Valley.

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