Norwegian satirical boy band, consisting of M'Pete (Espen Eckbo), Hot Tub (Øyvind Thoen) and Roar (Kaare Daniel Steen). Their manager is called Timothy Dahle (Henrik Elvestad).

The band had an enormous amount of media attention in Norway for about a year (2000), mostly because of their numerous PR stunts. These include hitting a Salvation Army member and Espen Eckbo passing out during an award show. The media seemed to take the band quite seriously for a long time, despite Espen Eckbos earlier stunts as a comedian. Towards the end of the year, the band released a film called Get Ready to Be Boyzvoiced, fully in the style of "regular" boy-/girl-bands. This film removes any doubt over whether the band is taking itself seriously or not.

Boyzvoice has had several hits on the Norwegian charts, breaking through with "Let me be your Father X-mas tonight". The last hit (at the time of writing) was a parody of Aqua's "We are the cartoon heroes", called "We are the Playmo-men". Other songs include "My 12-year old woman", "My library girl" and "Cousin".

Boyzvoice's official homepage is on, since the domain was already "stolen" by their greatest fan, Ove Hoff. Oh, it should be noted at this point that Espen Eckbo's many characters are always called "Something Hoff"...

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