A truly remarkable musician from Norway who got his start in the Amiga music scene. He wrote over two hundred mod files for his demo group, Crusaders, many of which are considered some of the greatest works of four-channel tracking art in existance. His music career later turned professional when he was hired by Team17 software in England, where he composes digital music for computer games today. His music is both like Ambient Music and Pink Floyd.

If you enjoy atmospheric space rock and your musical tastes run from Vangelis' Blade Runner soundtrack to Mike Oldfield to the Babylon 5 soundtracks, then you should acquaint yourself with the music of Bjorn Lynne.

Lynne is a Norwegian composer and musician who currently resides in England. His work is rooted in progressive rock and he uses electric guitar and synthesized melodies to create what he prefers to call "adventure music." Indeed, the ten instrumental tracks on his CD The Void are just the sort of thing to pop into your CD player when you're curling up with your favorite space opera or SF adventure tale.

Lynne has also produced the much-acclaimed CD Wizard of the Winds (aka When the Gods Slept in the UK). This CD is inspired by and intended to accompany Allan Cole's fantasy epic of the same name. All together, Lynne has made nine commercially-available solo CDs.

He has also done the soundtracks to videos, games, and interactive CD-ROMs; he's most recently done the music composition and sound effects design for the Dreamcast game "Worms World Party" and the upcoming PlayStation/Gamecube release "Worms Blast".

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