One of the default text editors found on a FreeBSD (and possibly other BSD derivatives) system.

Ee (easy editor) is a screen oriented text editor. It is much simpler than vi and emacs and just plain better than pico.

Here's a snippet of the man page:

EE(1)   FreeBSD General Commands Manual    EE(1)

     ee - easy editor

     ee [-eih] [+#] [file ...]
     ree [-eih] [+#] [file ...]

     The command ee is a simple screen oriented text editor.  It is always in
text insertion mode unless there is a prompt at the bottom of the termi
-nal, or a menu present (in a box in the middle of the terminal). The
command ree is the same as ee, but restricted to editing the named file
(no file operations, or shell escapes are allowed).

Pronounced "Double - E". A small, shy creature often seen peering out from behind a stack of prematurely discarded computer guts.

Identified primarily by their soft beeping and slightly charred fur, EE's are dependent upon electronic hardware and irregularly blinking lights, with which they fill and adorn their nests. Since raw electronics are typically found in urban areas, you find EE's prevalently in cities. They prefer to nest in small communities containing mostly other EE's, though they will occasionally permit the company of other specialties.

The mating cycle of the EE has not yet been reliably documented, though anecdotal evidence exists for a varied and satisfying sex life among EE's which successfully achieve maturity. Their spawn are very precocious with technical devices. Young EE's are born smooth and uniform in color, and will develop char marks after three or four years.

Note: a EE can be 6'5" and 279 lbs, and still be a small, shy creature.

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