One of the default text editors found on a FreeBSD (and possibly other BSD derivatives) system.

Ee (easy editor) is a screen oriented text editor. It is much simpler than vi and emacs and just plain better than pico.

Here's a snippet of the man page:

EE(1)   FreeBSD General Commands Manual    EE(1)

     ee - easy editor

     ee [-eih] [+#] [file ...]
     ree [-eih] [+#] [file ...]

     The command ee is a simple screen oriented text editor.  It is always in
text insertion mode unless there is a prompt at the bottom of the termi
-nal, or a menu present (in a box in the middle of the terminal). The
command ree is the same as ee, but restricted to editing the named file
(no file operations, or shell escapes are allowed).