Small Town in Denmark, located as far north as you get in Denmark (Greenland excluded).
Main industries include fishing and tourism.

Famous for being a popular place for artists, who come to Skagen for the light.

Sights to visit if you go there as a tourist include:
- Grenen, This is where the skagerak and kattegatt ocean meet. Some days you can actually see this as the waves meet and form a line...
- Den tilsandede Kirke (The sandcovered Church), A church covered in sand due to erosion.
- WW2 bunkers, Big lumps of concrete located on the beaches.
- Nightlife...

I can personally recommed visiting the small seafood-resturants near the harbor during a sunny day, order some shrimps and your choise of beverage (I prefer beer, Tuborg or Carlsberg, after 4 or 5 of those you're in heaven (Skagen-Style)).

If you cant stand the smell of fish and/or other sea-related smells, stay away from Skagen...

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