Carlsberg is a well-known Danish beer. The Carlsberg Breweries also produce the beer called Tuborg. The typical Carlsberg has an alcohol percentage of 4.6% in Denmark. The Carlsberg Lager (export) available in other countries is a bit milder.

Carlsberg's most widespread beer is the one that among danes is known as hof. Other places it has names like Carlsberg pilsner, lager, beer and so forth. The reason that it is commonly known as hof in Denmark, is that on the label it reads "leverandør til det kongelige danske hof" which translated to english means, "by appointment to the royal danish court", so "hof" mean "court".
By the 60's the term was so widely used, that carlsberg put it on its bottle-neck label.
Now the bottle-neck label does no longer read "hof", just carlsberg, but the term is still known by everybody in Denmark, so if you go into any bar in Denmark at say hof, they will know what to get.

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