Any alleged beer produced under license in the UK or elsewhere which contains more carbon dioxide than alcohol and is marketed at chavs and lager louts. Although to be fair, the marketing mainly aims for the chavs since the Lager Louts tend to prefer the Wifebeater variants, such as Stella Artois or Kronenbourg 1664.

Heineken is a fine example of a pointless fizzy euro-piddle and exits the body in almost identical form to the way it enters save only that the gas is filtered out by alternate means. Hofmeister used to also fill this role but has oddly disappeared. Becks is close but just about manages to escape by virtue of being mainly sold bottled and thus again slips over the threshold into Wifebeater territory by providing a weapon. Grolsch just about qualifies despite a higher than normal alcohol content. Most Carlsberg easily qualifies.

Fizzy euro-piddle does have counterparts from other areas - the UK's own Harp and Carling Black Label spring immediately to mind. Absolutely everything exported from the United States would fail to qualify as euro-piddle even it were European as it lacks any kind of flavour at all as well as lacking alcohol or indeed, any redeeming qualities whatsoever.

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