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So how DO you solve a problem like Maria?

How do you redesign Everything2? It's a bit of poser. Not as bad as actually building E2 in the first place, and i'm not suggesting a back-end redevelopment, merely a prettying-up of the front end to reflect the mores of the modern Web which demands its data presented in a more eye-pleasing and less cluttered way than E2 currently favours.

There are also twists and tricks which can be applied. Javascript can do some good stuff. AJAX can be harnessed (in a no-javascript-worm kind of way) to make navigation easier or even (my personal preference) remove it entirely.

The issue really is that E2 was a - ahem, excuse me while i speak forth revolting heresy - Web 2.0 site long before anyone else started drooling and hallucinating about Web point releases.

As such, while i normally regard event he mention of Web 2.0 as an abomination unto the Lord, in this case, all the usual fancy-schmancy gubbins is actually appropriate rather than just a blindsiding effort to distract from the lack of content with flashy toys.

I will work on the problem, design some screenies and host them on my own site.

Provided nobody thinks it's horrible self-advertising, i'll post some linkage here so that you can see what i'm up to.

Design thoughts are daylogged to prevent clogging E2 with bad meta shit.

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