Danish beer company. Founded in 1873 by W. Heyman as part of the Tuborg factories. Among these factories there was a large glass manufacturer and a port. The name Tuborg comes from a property owned by the late Jonas Thue called "Thuesborg" (Thue's castle).

The Tuborg brewery was founded as an export oriented brewery. They produced their first beer in 1875 (a lager) and called it the Tuborg Red Beer. After intensive development by the brewery master, Hans Bekkevold, their first pilsner hit the streets in 1880 and was called the Tuborg Green. After this beer was introduced, green became the colour of Tuborg.

The Danish United Breweries was founded in 1891 and Tuborg became a part of these in 1894. After some internal conflict, Benny Dessau ceased control over the United Breweries in 1899.

Tuborg began production of mineral water in 1923 and this was the fondation of its success. Dessau died in 1937 and with his death, new paths were opened for Tuborg Breweries.. They suffered a major setback in 1945, when German troops blew up their boilers as part of a revenge. But the deliveries continued as normal the day after with great difficulty for the brewery, and the customers never knew what happened.

In the late forties Tuborg was the most modern brewery in Denmark. Presiden Jerichow, who took over for Dessau in 1937, left the company in 1959 and left the responsibility to mr. Aage Rytter who sadly died a short time after in 1961. He was replaced by mr. Friis-Berg, but he also died soon after taking the captain's chair, in 1962. He was followed by mr. Viggo Rasmussen who spear-headed the merger with Carlsberg. This merger was the boon for international success and branding.

On a personal note; my favourite beer after Mack Beer.

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