Ludwig Mack was a weirdo. He had a dream of founding the northernmost brewery in the world and he did it. In 1877, Tromsø was little more than a wooden house village before Mack built his brewery of bricks and stone. By doing that, he founded the first industrial enterprise in North-Norway as a permanent industry.

The first brewski was a bayer and saw the light of day on the 17th of May in 1878. The first pilsner was made in 1891. He made this beer from traditional ways, using only the purest of the pure glacier water. An instant success.

In 1895, the brewery started production of sodapop and mineral water. This was headed by the son of Ludwig, Georg Mack. With the soda branch of the brewery, they could expand and soon bought their competitor.

The brewery continues its tradition even today, owned by the grandchildren of Georg Mack himself. They also have their pride in making the greatest brew in the world, Mack Arctic.

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