The gene xeniot1 is talking about, the "terminator" gene, was developed to insert into their genetically engineered super crops. They (Monsanto) promise farmers in developing countries astounding returns (and they are compared to natural seeds). However, farmers who are used to saving a portion of their crop to use as seed for the following year were interested to find that the genetically engineered plants wouldn't go to seed.

Compare this tactic to baby formula manufacturer's habit of giving mothers in developing countries "free samples" of baby formula. The samples contained just enough formula to stop the woman's lactation, forcing the new mother to

a) buy formula until the child was weaned
b) inevitably get pregnant at much higher rates than previously, since the lactation process releases hormones which inhibit ovulation.

Boy, unfettered capitalism is grand, eh?

1. Refers to a user who had written the (now nuked) first writeup in this node. I was clarifying that writeup, but now my writeup is slightly nonsensical. This is why response writeups are not good. This is now in my queue to rewrite.
Among the multitude of products and technologies invented and/or sold by Monsanto, or a company that later became a part of Monsanto:

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