Yesterday I: Bought delicate light pink nail polish with tiny silver sparkles in it. Mm, pretty. God, I would have smacked myself a few years ago. Oh well. I can enjoy the feminine side of life now, I feel more rounded because of it. My SO and I have been discovering the lovely side of being sappy, too. Heehee. Um. Oh yeah--writing exercise:

Here and now I am... sitting with one window behind me and a set to my right, little track lights glowing above me. Here and now I feel the nearly constant tension in my back and neck, and I wonder how I'm going to get lunch. I can smell nothing interesting from here, but I remember how the coffee tasted earlier this morning. Besides the hysteric vibrato of the phones, I can hear the construction down the street on the new buildings, and between me and the X Games at the base of the Bay Bridge. Here and now I sense changes in my life; things have just been shaken up, tossed into the air, and they haven't fallen back to rest yet....

My best friend needs to meet someone interesting! She is 23 years old, about 5' 4", cute in a cute sort of way, has very curly auburn hair, and truly amazing blue-green eyes. She has a silly sense of humor and likes stupid movies like Mel Brooks stuff and Airplane!. She loves cats and animals. She has a BA in sociology. She is a feminist, not an academic, reads sf and fantasy, likes movies, rock music, occasional gaming, and musicals, is not computer-geeky but computer literate, doesn't wear makeup, is probably a good cuddler, and is not skinny. She likes funky things with bright colors and fake fur, and insects, and velvet. She is a very liberal Catholic. You may use the date form if you wish. ;p My I-don't-care-if-I-get-spammed-here email is ... we've been friends since sixth grade. I post this here just to see if anything may come of it, but probably not. At any rate, know that if I should introduce you to her virtually or rlly, I'll hurt you bad if you are mean or mess with her mind or heart in any way. Ahem. Anyway....Okay okay, she's currently in the Ohio-Kentucky area. This is not her fault, and I'll be dragging her elsewhere as soon as I can.

I'VE BEEN BORGED. It's the first time ever, though, so that's not bad. (My crime was saying I was bored, I guess.)