friday night i worked late, got to the mans house around 10. he had dinner waiting to be prepared. fajita and creole steak (for him) and fajita chicken (for me), grilled of course. big portabello mushroom caps. a bottle of Don Julio tequila (yum. i'm glad we can get that despite the agave shortages) to round out the evening.

saturday was gorgeous. woke up relatively early, headed to a gun show in dale city, then on to the man's parents house then we went to get manicures. the little vietnamese lady obviously didn't understand me when i said i didn't want anything except to strengthen my natural nails. she sat me down and much to my horror promptly chopped off my pretty natural nails. i now have french tips and acrylic. they are longer than my natural nails were and i am still getting used to typing. i will probably file them a bit shorter this evening.

sunday morning i woke up in a pretty crappy mood, and was looking forward to heading home to smoke pot and sulk. then i realized that was a pretty shitty plan and so i decided to take up george on his invitation to go out on his new 25" power boat. the man and i got dressed, drove to occoquan, and had some drinks (no good tequila, so we had kamikazes) at the waterfront cantina since george was (as always) late. it was gloomy, but as soon as we got on the boat and prepared to head out, the skies cleared and it turned into a wonderful sunny warm day, perfect for boating. we zoomed around, then settled at a nice swimming spot. i was the only one to get in, and that was only briefly as i am a chicken about swimming. sunday was the cream of the crop.

so now, it's monday morning and i'm back at work. i got here late as i woke up in pain and headed to the doctor's office to be looked at. i will find out this afternoon for sure if i need surgery again. i am hoping there is another explanation than residual gallstones, and if not i am praying there are non-surgical options. regardless, i am in high spirits today.

since today i'm working with doctors, i will hold off on my must-do-today list until tomorrow. the plan for today was to work out my tax situation (fed taxes weren't filed correctly or completely, state weren't filed at all, but they owe me so it shouldn't be a big issue). i need to find a tax man to help me out. tomorrow.

last thursday i sat down and took care of my snail mail and bills, and that is all set.

now, all that out of the way, i can see there's some new controversy about E2 going on regarding free speech, editor functions, etc. all i have to say about the issue is that as much as a noder might bitch about how others conduct themselves on E2, not much is really going to change. people will vote how they want to vote, edit and nuke what they want to, and cool the stuff they think is cool. bitch all you want but you'll only get downvoted on those bitch nodes. do what YOU want to do within E2. if, at some point, it stops being fun for you, move on. but E2 is how it is.


well, the doctors appointments sucked. they decided they wanted abdominal CT scans, with barium and contrast dye. barium sucks ass. watery white glue with a bit of coconut flavouring. man that shit sucks. but for as much as it sucked, everything looks normal. that's deffinitely outstanding news.