Here I am, another day at work spent on E2. God I love my job.
Whoa, after the war on E2 last night, I'm a little tired. I'd like to say that I have no ill feelings towards ANYONE on E2. Frequently however, I disagree with what a number of people say, but I do not hold it against that user. You can consider this a formal appology for anyone who was offended by my side.

The Linux Box (Mordecai) and all peripherals, short of the sound card are rockin' hard. I must have a problematic sound card, this one always gives me trouble, no matter what OS I run. I'm dealing mostly in KDE, but I like the feel of the Enligtenment for Gnome on Mandrake 7.0. Tonight I will play with it some more, until I am using it completely instead of my Windows Box.