slow start

I woke up at four in the afternoon - how fucking pathetic. I have to wake up earlier tomorrow or I'm going to beat myself. Apparently I had an interesting dream last night but I forgot it in the 30 minutes it took me to get upstairs, so no Dream Log entry. I grabbed some tacos and was microvaving them when my mom called. I had expected her around 7:30, but she realized we would probably go out for dinner. I went out to experience a few moments of Zen watering the plants. My father came home halfway through. I finished and we took off.

nihongo tabemono and skater shoes

I had a short doctor's appointment and then we went out for dinner. We ate at Aoba, a Japanese restaurant in downtown Glendale. Apparently the parents had gone to the restaurant a lot until it moved. They had tonkatsu, although they served it without the shredded cabbage I'm used to having. Sigh.. it wasn't that good, either. The tuna sashimi wasn't worth it as well, although the vegetable tempura was. We left somewhat disappointed. My current pair of shoes is falling apart after a year of heavy use, so we looked for a new pair. Seems like every fucking pair I liked had a white strip. I don't want a fucking white shoe. I think it's a conspiracy by the designers to people buy more shoes after the white strip turns grimy in normal use. Too angry? Three stores and not one worthy shoe. Arghh. Picked up some more notebooks too - some for school, and one for personal reflections and ideas.

web thumb page ftp nail index

When we came back home it was time for another episode in the Saga of Get those damn vacation photos on the Web!, starring my father and I. Found some program called Thumbs Plus and started to thumbnail the pics only to realize some of the pictures were at a 90 degree bend. I thought we had dealt with this earlier, but apparently not. So I whipped out IrfanView and started to fix it, only to find out the pictures were being saved in the wrong directory. Twice. Apparently the program kept where the last picture had been saved in memory even after closing, but only if one did Save as... as opposed to simply Save. That done, I thumbnailed until figuring out I was thumbnailing the non-fixed copies of the photos. Aiyah. Finally, I thumbnailed the proper copies. That done, I found out the stupid program fucked up the URL, requiring me to go in my hand and fix it for each page, not to mention the fact that I was stupid and didn't have it create the files as index.html and such. I stab my head! But finally, finally - it is complete. Joy.