I worked alone today, or with a dozen voices. I spent most of the day on the telephone handling some administrative issues.

On one of the calls I found out that several people were meeting in Detroit to discuss issues that I thought I was involved with. But no one had even told me about the meeting. It could be because I haven't transitioned to the new organization, or it coudl be because they just think I'm not technical enough to participate in the planning sessions. Whatever. I hate being left out. I hate being included too when it requires my time in a non-billable project. I'm sure I would be unhappy no matter what.

The problem with virtual officing is the lack of human faces. I don't see any at my apartment. I have to go to the grocery store or a restaurant for that. It's getting really strange. I'm becoming an island every time I'm here. And now I hate being on the road too. We underbid our current project and are staying at a cheap motel where the windows will not open. I feel like I'm sleeping in a tomb when I'm there. I am unhappy in either place.

Hey - this is all whining! Without the officemates, I've got no one to whine to even! Oh well - does it matter? Everything I post gets downvoted immediately anyway. I could probably post an entire node of swear words and get the same XP as a node of the most beautiful poetry ever written. Either way, I would be unhappy.

I have just got to get over this funk.